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PC Applications Class 201 began Nineteen and Ninety four March nine

The students were there and ready to go, I was happy this class was mine

PC, DOS, Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Data Base I was to teach

My goal was much more than computers, for the students I wanted to reach

They were each different in their own way, each a very special person to me

Bright eyes, excited and anxious to learn, just what was this thing called a PC

It happened that very first night, a young lass named Jenny brightened our soul

She was bubbly, fresh, and honest, no doubt Jenny would be on the honor roll

Bright as a star, this young girl was, I just knew her contributions would be many

To this old world she would freely help, giving of herself and not asking a penny

Jenny was quick with her mind you could tell, there was an artist inside I know

As the weeks went by and she worked in class, it was delightful to see her grow

Something was not quite right, it appeared one night and it bothered me no end

My prayers were with her, but I had to do more, just let her know I was her friend

Jenny has so much to offer and is truly smart, not only that she has a really big heart

Knowing and believing just how important, she just had to know before I would part

May 18 was the last night of class, after grading the papers she made a high B

The end of May, Jenny my prized student, my wife and grandson got to see

In my plans were for her to visit with us on Leesville Road at some future date

Sometimes it is so very hard to understand that we may never control our fate

The pain was deep when today I was told, about my friend Jenny and she was gone

For she was like a rose bud growing and getting ready to bloom, it seemed so wrong

Could this be true or was it just a prank of some cruel persons twisted mind

My thoughts were spinning , I must go to Wal-Mart and see what I would find

They answered my question, with what I just didn't want to hear

The call received had been true, coworkers confirmed my worst fear

It's now 2:00am this Sunday morning, tears flow, the words will not come

To think of all that she touched along her way with her special beat of the drum

Even though it was so brief this little girl provided us all a friendly smile each day

Jenny, you were a special child to me, I will always remember you in each sun ray

Your friend John

© 1994 John H. Ryder, 2105 Adventure Trail, Durham, NC 27703

Published in the United States, All rights reserved