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Life's Prayer

Great Spirit, Creator of Heaven and All

Let me listen to you and not put up a wall.

Give me the strength and courage each day

to share and help others along their way.

May I learn from the old and the wise

and be a good role model in children's eyes.

Put the sunshine in my life and face,

to reflect your love and time not waste.

Life on this earth is as brief as the firefly's light

and there is only time to do what is just and right.

Let me not judge others by what they may do,

until I have walked two weeks in their path too.

Make my speech soft as the wolf's fur,

may it be as gentle as the cat's purr.

Let me walk as quietly as rabbit's feet.

May I be a soaring eagle and not retreat,

from things that are pure, just and right,

through all my suns in day and moons at night.

Oh great Spirit of sun, moon, wind, rain and all,

I beg of you to hear this souls burning call.

Prepare a place for this soul in your infinite love,

for that time will surely come when its called above.

May I be humble and listen each day

what you would have me do when I pray.

© 1996 John H. Ryder, 2105 Adventure Trail, Durham, NC 27703

Published in the United States, All rights reserved