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Many years ago I met a lady named Mrs. "D"
She was the mother of my lovely wife to be
Three fine daughters she had raised
Each she was proud of and each she praised
Life not being easy for her, sometimes it was rough
Hard working providing their needs, she was tough
It didn't take long to find her real name was "Mom"
Downing her family or a Democrat, you just set off a bomb
"Mom" always has reminded me of a mother hen
About the family or politics, you just couldn't win
She looked at the world with a great deal of vision
No doubt, bringing up her family was her true mission
Washing a dish or cleaning about, she was always at bat
Helping and teaching the family, she was always doing that
Reading the Bible cover to cover, all the way though
Several times each and every year she would do
"Mom" was involved from dawn to dusk
As if she stopped for a moment she would rust
The Love that she showed each family member
Is something we all will surely remember
The grandchildren and great grandchildren too
Were each precious to her, showing pride in this crew
Shown through each time she spoke of them
As if they were Kings or Queens, high on a rim
A very few programs she'd watch on TV
She was always there to listen, even to me
Giving of her wisdom from many years on this earth
To each of her children from their day of birth
When she had done this and done her best
Jesus called her and said, "Mom" it’s time to rest
Thank you Dear Jesus for her long stay
We needed her to guide us on our way
"Mom" will never be forgotten by children and others
She taught us how to work together as sisters and brothers
Teaching us to never call anyone a fool
Another bit of wisdom, one more golden rule
There are pages and pages to be put down
"Mom" doesn't need them, she's wearing a Crown

© John H. Ryder 2105 Adventure Trail, Durham, NC 27703
Published in the United States, All rights reserved