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"Soul Medicine"

Humor is medicine for body and soul
It will surely keep you from growing old
Humor protects you from disease and such
It's free and doesn't take much
Humor can diffuse anger and hate
So go ahead; try it, please don't wait
Laugh at the little things in life.
It will reduce those things of strife
Those things that offer you stress
Will turn into fun and affect you less.
It's for sure your immune system will improve.
You'll gain energy and stay on the move.
Don't be so serious about your life
Spend those precious moments with husband or wife
Others remember people that made them feel good
And I know you can if only you would.
A good old deep down belly laugh a day
Will pick you up in a very special way
Make the world a better place for you and me
An open mind and a positive attitude is the key.
Just do it, before it's too late
And you meet St. Peter at the Gate.

© 1996 John H. Ryder, 2105 Adventure Trail, Durham, NC 27703
Published in the United StateHus, All rights reserved