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A little about John and Paige:

John was born in Morristown Tennessee and raised in Jefferson City Tennessee. He attended Carson Newman College and also continued his education in, Electronics School and Submarine School in the US Navy, many IBM internal schools and classes conducted by University professors for IBM, Area Directors School with the Charles J. Givens Organization, NC Insurance School, and various other correspondence schools on different technical topics.

He served with the US Navy aboard the Pompon SSR267,a submarine, and was honorably discharged in 1959 to pursue career with the IBM Corp. However there was something he had to do first, drive to Richmond and marry his wonderful wife, Paige. John says Paige has put up with him all these years. Paige and John celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary this past May. John worked with IBM for 32 years in communications, service, project manager, research and several other areas. John retired from IBM in March of 1990. He is a retired 81 year old great grandfather on a fixed income. They have two children, three grandchildren and one great grandson. John's hobbies are working on PC's, the Internet and travel. He has written over a 100 poems to share with others. John has been volunteering long before the folks in Washington thought it was a good thing. He has for the last 26 years been visiting heart patients at Duke Hospital and Regional Hospital. John has visited with well over 14,000 heart patients and their families. Paige and John spend Saturday manning the hospitality cart at Duke to give snacks to the patients family and visitors. He volunteered taught the PC in grades K-5 and Paige helped the children to read better. Both John and his wife are volunteer host on the Piedmont train for the state of North Carolina for the last 17 years. John started a group called “Be American First”. The group is all veterans and they go to school and teach respect for the flag and answer questions about their service to our country.

A Deacon and trustee in the Baptist church our family attends. Paige and Ann, our daughter, are very active in church work.  Ann is Sunday School Director and Paige supplies the flowers and decorations for the church.