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Most any male on the planet a father can be

But it takes a real man to be a daddy you see

A father may be good, bad or not even there

However, a true daddy is always around to care

A daddy will hold you close when fretting and walk the floor

Talk to you so soft and gentle with a loving voice and more

A daddy always is there to build you up in so many ways

You can be assured he is with you in all your nights and days

A daddy can make you feel better when you fall down

He takes and shares so many wonders and places around

Yes, a daddy will listen to your ever word

And teach you all he knows and good things heard

He hurts when you hurt and offers kind help

And when you stray he cries inside without a whelp

Yes, any boy can affect your birth

But only a man can be a daddy and prove his worth

So many children today seem to have only a father

If you're lucky, your father's a daddy be you son or daughter

Acknowledge your father but love your daddy

He'll guide you through life so you won't turn out ratty

He'll always be the best friend you can know

And stick by your side faithfully as you grow

You will always be very special to him

Until his very last breath and he crosses that rim

Let you be comforted for he's with his father and daddy above

And you're not alone for his Jesus will show you love

Be not afraid my child for you'll meet him again

You see your job now is other souls for Jesus to win

A daddy sometimes isn't your father for sure

He may be an uncle or grandfather that's loving and pure

If he taught you to say grace and pray each night

Taught you about his Jesus then you'll be all right

Praise God for the fathers that are a daddy too

Without them I wonder what a child would do

© 1996 John H. Ryder, 2105 Adventure Trail, Durham, NC 27703

Published in the United States, All rights reserved